Five Steps to a healthier You



STEP # 1 – guard Your Lips (And the entirety you placed between them).


“let meals be your remedy and remedy be your meals”.

– Hippocrates – (400 B.C.)


Hippocrates gives us a few very sound recommendation on this assertion recorded over 2000 years ago. As increasingly evidence is accrued and research conducted, the belief is obvious and indisputable…Hippocrates was right. The ingredients we consume have the energy to maintain lifestyles, prevent ailment and heal disabling infirmities.


but, meals can also be, literally and figuratively, the loss of life of us. As a country, the us of the usa, at the side of most industrialized countries, are ingesting growing quantities of over-processed and chemically altered ingredients & drinks ordinary. often, the meals we devour grow to be ingesting us. some have referred to it as “loss of life at the Installment Plan”. Others name it “Suicide through weight-reduction plan”. but regardless of what you call it, we need to in all likelihood all observe our diets because the first step in improving our fitness.


a diffusion of the right sorts and mixtures of ingredients (fresh organic culmination, vegetables, berries, nuts & grains) nourish and rebuild our our bodies. the incorrect sorts of foods (pretty subtle, processed, synthetic, fatty, contaminated ingredients) may additionally preserve lifestyles, however are systematically destroying our bodies.


consider, lifestyles isn’t a get dressed practice session; it’s the “massive show”. We live in a international of abundance for the most element. whilst our automobile gets rusty and begins running poorly, we junk it and purchase another one. The equal holds actual with our home appliances and lawn mowers. As a result we have advanced an “All things are replaceable or fixable” mentality. but, that principle does not maintain actual in terms of the human body. until you are Dr. Frankenstein, functioning spare frame elements are very tough to come by means of. when the our bodies, we were given at delivery have a extreme soften-down, it means hospitalization, surgical procedure, or even death. therefore, take care in deciding on the goods you devour. The automobile you’re constructing and retaining is the most effective one you will get. the following weight-reduction plan-associated measures will cross a long manner toward a better, more healthy you:


1. learn how to examine nutritional labels on purchased meals, after which look for the most healthful desire available by using comparison shopping.

a. pick “entire wheat” over “Enriched”, “Wheat”, or “Unbleached” flour.

b. keep away from ingredients with taste enhancers like Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

c. avoid foods that comprise chemical preservatives like Sodium Nitrate.

d. avoid meals with synthetic sweeteners inclusive of aspartame or Sucralose

e. put back ingredients or liquids that include synthetic hues like Yellow 5 or purple forty

f. pick out meals which have low or no saturated fats

g. don’t over-do-it with merchandise containing polyunsaturated fat

h. pick foods which have low or no cholesterol

i. keep away from merchandise that incorporate hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated oil

j. pick out meals that are high in dietary fiber

ok. pick ingredients that nation: “whole Wheat” or “complete Grain”

l. pick out “natural” whilst to be had


2. pick the excellent-ingredients when they may be available. these meals are outstanding picks that have been carefully studied and decided on as “brilliant” in terms of healthful dietary blessings. below are several first-rate examples of super-ingredients:


1. Mexican crimson Beans (dried)

2. Wild Blueberries

three. purple Kidney Beans

4. Pinto Beans

five. Cultivated Blueberries

6. Cranberries

7. Artichokes (cooked)

eight. Blackberries

nine. Prunes

10 Raspberries

11 Strawberries

12 crimson delicious Apples

13 Granny Smith Apples

14 Pecans

15 Cherries

sixteen Black Plums

17 Russet Potatoes (cooked)

18 Black Beans (dried)

19 crimson Plums

20 Gala Apples


STEP # 2 – Drown Your Sorrows (With plenty of sparkling, smooth water)


right hydration of the body can do the whole thing from truly preserve existence, enhance our mood, growth joint flexibility, enhance mental acuity and clarity of idea, as well as flush most cancers inflicting environmental pollutants from our structures. proper hydration ought to come often from clean, easy water. The excellent assets of water are those which are familiar to you, and which might be tested regularly for pollution. Municipal water resources, commonly, are not appropriate assets. Nor are a few bottled water sources. So, what ought to I drink, you ask? permit’s observe some options:


1. Filtered Water With Lemon – some consult with it as the “King of the Drink. Room temperature filtered water with a squeeze of fresh lemon has the subsequent useful homes:


• Alkalizes the frame to release toxins at the mobile stage

• Lemons are antiseptic by nature

• tremendous digestive properties

• Eases heartburn, bloating and different digestion issues

• Cleanses and stimulates the liver & kidneys

• includes calcium, magnesium & potassium

• Suspected of providing alleviation from allergies

• when hot, it gives relief from bloodless and flu symptoms

• gives vitamin C

• extremely good for the skin


2. clean, pure, Unpolluted Water. Our our bodies ought to have it to survive. maximum of us can stay without meals for weeks, but few, if any, will closing every week with out water. however, of our to be had sources of deliver, some are a ways higher than others. The pleasant sources might be people who deliver water that has been tested with the aid of a good trying out lab to be free of carcinogenic contaminants like lead, mercury, radon, arsenic, and many others.


a. Mountain spring water with the subsequent traits is superb:

i. tested to be freed from pollutants and bacteria

ii. No plastic bottle

iii. PH alkaline

iv. rich in minerals

v. Sourced from an unpopulated region (a ways from a primary city)

vi. Sourced from a non or minimally industrialized place


b. properly Water

i. Deep properly, examined regularly for contaminants

ii. No plastic bottle

iii. tested to be alkaline

iv. Non-polluted source

v. From an unpopulated place

vi. Filtered with a appropriate clear out


three. Freshly Juiced fruits & vegetables

a. diet & nutrient rich

b. high in antioxidant houses

c. maximum are tremendous for the pores and skin


4. inexperienced or White Tea

a. wealthy in healthful polyphenols and antioxidants that guard in opposition to sickness


STEP # three – shield Thyself


each day we are beneath attack and not always through visible assailants. we’re relating to free-radical attack. loose radicals can physically age us, well beyond our chronological ages. unfastened radicals are molecules that shape, because of the utilization of oxygen by the body. unfastened radicals are quite reactive molecules that could have interaction with cells inside the body and damage them. loose radicals are so dangerous to the frame that they have been implicated in more than a hundred serious health troubles. those unfastened radicals can damage cells and DNA, regulate internal biochemicals, ruin mobile membranes and even kill cells.


simply your normal body strategies create loose radicals, but that is inevitable. Our motive here is to train you how to take action to keep away from environmentally prompted loose radicals. each one in all our cells is expected to take 10,000 hits in step with day and each strand of DNA is envisioned to take approximately five,000 an afternoon. those hits are resulting from pollution within the air, food and water we partake of each day, as well as UV rays from the sun. Our bodies are capable of neutralizing most of the people of these unfastened radicals, but if there’s an excessive amount of loose radical oxidation, your body is overwhelmed. The end result may be the onset of illness and severe disease. those sicknesses can affect our pores and skin, heart, lungs, mind, eyes, and so on.


There are some of methods we can defend ourselves from these molecular menaces. numerous suitable strategies are:

1. keep away from cigarette smoke and secondhand smoke completely.

2. restriction your exposure to UV radiation within the form of daylight and sunlamps.

three. put on sunscreen while you are out within the sun for greater than an hour or  (much less if mild complected).

4. keep away from smog and air pollution as much as feasible. leave the windows and vents closed if you’re in slow, heavy traffic.

five. realize your water supply and make sure it is tested regularly, and use a filter if contaminants are observed (even supposing they’re said as being “inside suitable tiers”).

6. check labels on purchaser products for poisonous substances. exchange to an all-natural product if viable.

7. purchase organic merchandise whilst available. Even healthful ingredients and juices may be heavily contaminated by means of agrichemicals.


Are you shopping for poisonous food? normally, foods excessive at the meals chain tend to build up the highest concentrations of contaminants. The most contaminated components of almost any animal is the fat and organ meats including the liver, lung and kidney. The latter serves because the filtration device for those animals and tends to acquire environmental toxins.


Carnivorous fish like swordfish and shark, scavenger fish like catfish, and shellfish together with clams and oysters also generally tend to accumulate high stages of pollution. Even culmination and veggies are now and again infected with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. in line with the Environmental operating institution, the maximum infected produce are currently:

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